Sketch of car using pen and scanned into computer

Was working out how to structure a database for my new software for a membership system using Chip Smart Cards. Got a bit carried away and started to sketch. Just [...]

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Apple iPad – ‘It’s that simple’

Published on January 28th, 2010no comments

Apple has just release their new iPad and ‘it’s that simple’. I have been a iPod Touch user for more than a year now, and for me the iPad looks just like an over-sized iPod Touch. The most attractive thing about the release of this product is the price. Apple announced that the starting price is just $499. Now that is great value for those who don’t already own an iPod Touch or iPhone. The functions all look the sames as what Apple users are used to, but the applications look a bit more polished.

Whereas the iPod could fit into you pocket nicely, the iPad would require you to carry it around in a case or bag. I see using this device on the move would not be a convenient as the iPhone or iPod Touch. But then again it is much better than carrying a laptop around. The iPad is a great boost for those who are on Facebook or other Social Networking Site most of the time.

There are different models of iPads. Check Apples specifications page for the details. The iPad has a microphone unlike the early iPod Touch models and also has Bluetooth and Wifi capability.

For me the whole idea of this product is for entertainment and to sell more digital downloads like music, video, ebooks and games. This is business after all. We have to wait and see how much impact this product will make with the consumers. Anyway let us know you take on the pad.

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Free 3D animation software
TrueSpace 7

Published on January 4th, 2010no comments

For those who would like to get into 3D animation, should visit The site has a excellent 3D animation software for download. TrueSpace 7 has the complete range of tools for modelling, rendering and animation. I have worked with TrueSpace for a number of years and have found it to be very easy to learn and use.

Download this software while it is available.

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Cartoons to share with others

Published on December 13th, 2009no comments

surfing the net cartoon

Found some nice cartoons that I thought I might share with others. Please download the PDF file to view the full set. These cartoons are amazing. The artist brings shoots the humour right out of the page with clever skills. Check them out for your self. Enjoy.

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Welcome to

Published on December 12th, 2009no comments

Welcome to gives ideas on how to use computer skills to make a living. Earning a living doing the things you love to do is the dream of everyone. Those who love to work with computers can share ideas on

It can be digital cartoons, digital video, anti virus, computer programming, selling online or just writing ebooks, I will try to bring tips for everyone.

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